Our Story

ModLabz is a DIY focused shop located on the world wide web.



Let Electronics DIY Kits Live On – ModScientist

Found in 2015, ModLabz is a small family run DIY teach shop. We love tinkering ! Weather its taking apart our DJI after a crash, giving it a complete overhaul. To waking up in the middle of the night, to check on a experiment . We are makers, just like you !


Meet the Team

Young Apprentice

ModRobo is the young apprentice of ModLabz. With this young drive, comes his non stop passion to build and take apart everything in sight. Weather it works or not, he will take it apart. Just because he want to see the inside ! From 3d printing to circuit building. ModRobo is always working on something at odd hours of the night.

Audio & Electrical Engineer

ModScientist is the Head Audio & Electrical Engineer of ModLabz. In the field for over 35 years working, doing what he loves the most ! From touring with bands in the early 80’s, setting up audio sets. To designing circuits and working as an electrical engineer in his spear time. He is a fully rounded Scientist, his drive fuels his mad creations !